Experience personalized learning

Get access to a hybrid yet personalized learning model with expert 1-to-1 coaching and work through actual business problems

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Core Features

  • All-Access Membership

    Get access to all features of the platform on a monthly subscription. This includes courses, nuggets, live workshops and exclusive content

  • Expert 1-to-1 Mentorship

    Be paired with our analytics panel mentors and to be guided through your learning journey

  • Live workshops

    Learn how to apply and build models in our real-time interactive live workshops and live challenges

  • Gamification and Engagement

    Take part in our weekly challenges and experience competitive game play in analytics on our Discord Server. Work your way through a series of simulated scenarios to see the result of your data-driven decisions

  • Project-based approach

    Learn and apply new skills by working on real-life business solutions and real datasets

  • Rewards

    Earn vision points by completing courses, participating in competitions, discussion boards, completing projects and referrals. Redeem your points towards free courses, assessment packs, additional projects or 1-2-1 sessions

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