What you will learn

  • How to think analytically, frame problem statements and ask the right questions

  • How to engage in effective storytelling to convince stakeholders using insights generated from data analysis

  • How to build insightful and impactful dashboards using design thinking and visualization skills

  • How to use a range of analytical techniques in guiding business decision making and strategic outcomes

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Bootcamp

    • Course Overview

    • Getting started with Discord Server

  • 2

    MOD 1: Analytical Thinking

    • What you will Learn

    • Assignment

    • Case Study 1

    • Assignment

    • Data Prep Assignment

    • Data Profiling Task

    • MOD1: Final Case Study

    • Final Assessment

  • 3

    MOD 2: Excel Pro

    • What you will learn

    • Case Study

  • 4

    MOD 3: PowerBI Master

    • What you will learn

    • MOD 3: Case Study

  • 5

    MOD 4: Narrate your story

    • What you will learn

    • MOD 4: Case Study

  • 6

    MOD 5: Project

    • What you will learn

    • Project Final Assessment

What's Included

  • Personal Mentor

    Access to a personal mentor with career guidance and support whenever you need it

  • Private Community

    Join an exclusive community open only to bootcamp and all-acccess subscription members

  • Portfolio and Projects

    Earn credentials and community badges while building a professional-quality portfolio

  • Flexible

    Learn job-ready skills, on a schedule that works for you

  • Mock interviews and Presentations

    Participate in mock interviews with our panel of hiring managers, and put your storytelling skills to use to convince stakeholders using your project insights

  • Rewards and Redemptions

    Earn points as you move along the courses, or by engaging with your community members. Redeem points towards exclusive content, or gain rewards and gifts by participating in our data challenges

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

Mentor & Coach


Fahd Maqba

An expert in Fintech, Fahd is a seasoned coach, speaker, and mentor with over 10 years of experience in analytics having delivered over 400 hours in trainings, webinars, speaker and mentorship sessions with external training providers like Pearson Education